How to install Iminent?

Step 1: Check if you meet the System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows 8, 7, Vista or XP* (32bit or 64bit)
  • At least 512 MB RAM
  • Flash Player 10 or higher
  • High speed internet connection (recommended)
  • (*)Windows XP is no longer supported by Iminent, some features may not function properly.


  • Internet Explorer 9.0 or higher, Mozilla Firefox 27 or higher, Google Chrome 32 or higher
  • An account on any of the major social networks (Twitter, Dailymotion, hi5) or email services available online (Hotmail/Outlook, Yahoo! Mail or AOL Mail)

Step 2: Download Iminent

  • You can download Iminent from the official website
  • You will see a Download button on the page: move your mouse over the DOWNLOAD button and click on it.
  • Click the Run button and the installation will start.
  • *For Firefox and Chrome users: You will have to save the file, then run it.

Click To Install

Install in Progress

Step 3: Restart your default browser and enjoy Iminent

In order to finish the Iminent setup you will be asked to restart any relevant programs. We highly recommend that you complete this step.

Now that Iminent is successfully installed, it will run every time you start your system or go online.

How to uninstall the Iminent Toolbar?

Step 1: Are you sure you want to uninstall the Iminent Toolbar ?

If you encounter problems or errors, you can contact us at Iminent Support
We may be able to fix any issues that appear on your system without you having to remove all the high quality services that Iminent has to offer.

Step 2: Go to your Control Panel

You can find your Control Panel in your Start Menu or by hitting Windows Key+R, typing "appwiz.cpl" and then hitting on Run.

Go to your Control Panel

Step 3: Select Programs and Features or Add/Remove Programs

You can find the Iminent Toolbar in "Programs and Features" (on Windows Vista, 7 and 8) or in "Add/Remove Programs" (on Windows XP).

Remove or Uninstall

Step 4: Find the Iminent program and select Remove or Uninstall.

Click on "Next". Wait a moment.
Beware, do not choose the "Repair" or "Change" options, those options will not uninstall the Iminent Toolbar from your system.

That’s it! The Iminent Toolbar has been completely removed from your system.
If you ever change your mind and want to come back, you can get the latest version of the Iminent Toolbar from our official website: